User ID:  If you used our old system your data was uploaded to the new system. Migrated users will use their member number as their User ID. You can change it later in Settings.

Password:  Enter your last six numbers of the primary member’s SSN.  The system will automatically ask you to change your Password.  Your old password will NOT work.

Do not use ENROLL. This feature is intended for members who never used Online Banking with Harbor Credit Union.


Watch the Online Banking Tutorial below to learn more about the log in process and overview of the new system.

Click to view a PDF copy of our quick reference guide.

Tutorial and Tours

Start with Online Banking which will give you an overview of all the features and provide you with information about the log in process.

Online Banking
Bill Pay
Mobile Banking
Mobile Banking Tablet
Personal Finance Manager

Q:  Why can't I see my Joint Accounts?
A:  Joint Accounts were loaded Monday July 25th.

Q:  How do I know if I am logging in from the right page?
A:  The best place to bookmark or save in your favorites is  Please update all bookmarks to ensure that you are on the latest version of our site.

Q: The site still shows it is having maintenance performed.  When will I be able to get to online banking?
A: Go to – you are seeing our OLD online banking system.

Q: I can’t login.  What am I doing wrong?
A: If you were an Online Banking user before the launch of your new system then your initial Username=Member Number and Password=last 6 of primary member's SSN. 

Q: It won't let me select the drop down box for my security questions?
A: The Online Banking site is designed to support the latest versions of stable browsers.  We do have some users report an issue with Internet Explorer 11 and we are working to isolate the issue and apply a fix.  It doesn't happen in all cases.  Other browsers such as Safari, Firefox and Chrome worked for IE11 users who reported this issue.

Q: I didn't receive my verification code?
A: If you chose the TEXT option then the phone number will need to be able to accept text messages.  If the number is a landline or unable to receive text messages then you'll need to go back and SELECT receive a call to proceed.

Q: I entered the verification code but it didn't work?
A: Make sure you are entering the correct number and not the number of the service sending the text.  The code is inside the message.  You also should have the option to resend the text and try it again.  If the problem persists chose to receive a phone call with the code.


Q: I don’t see any companies in Pay Bills in the APP.  Why?
A: You must first sign up for Bill Pay and accept the terms and conditions via the full desktop version with your browser.

Q: I see my companies in Pay Bills in the APP but cannot add a new payee.  Why?
A: Payees / billers are managed on the desktop computer version.  Your entire list will be available on the Mobile version once they are entered. 

Q: Text Banking, Mobile Banking, Mobile Browser --what's the difference?
A: There are some differences between the different mobile options.  See chart below.

Q: Is there a difference between Mobile and Online Banking with a computer or laptop browser?
A: Yes.  The desktop version of Online Banking has more features and capabilities.  You should use the desktop version FIRST and then register your mobile devices and select banking preferences.  The desktop version is your key to all things related to your account.  This is where you can set up your profile, update your address or verification phone numbers, change passwords, add billers,  export to quicken and more.  

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