With a share secured loan from Harbor Credit Union, you get a loan that is 100% secured by the money in your account. Use it for any need, then pay yourself back as you pay down your outstanding balance. It’s really a win-win — finance your next project today without dipping into the funds you've set aside for tomorrow.

Why Choose A Share Secured Loan From Harbor?
  • Regular on-time payments build or repair your credit history
  • Your credit limit is based on your deposit
  • Your deposit amount is held in your account as collateral*
  • Can also be secured with a certificate 
  • Loan amount is distributed in one lump sum for your use
  • Maximum fixed rate term of 60 months
  • As your loan is paid, the secured funds are released back into your account

Harbor Credit Union® is a member focused financial cooperative committed to building our members' financial well-being and becoming their primary financial institution.

Convenience of eSignatures

Save time with eSign!

Gone are the headaches of coordinating schedules to sign documents to close a loan during business hours. Simply log into our secure site, review the documents and eSign. Soon your loan will be ready to be disbursed.

Bottom Line:  You save time, paper, and possibly a trip to the credit union to close a loan. Just let us know where you want your money once we receive your eSignature.  Ask your financial officer about eSigning for your Harbor loan.  All loans are subject to credit approval.

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*Deposits securing the loan must be placed on hold for the duration of the loan.